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How to have more fun. Re awaken your inner child with yoga.

June 26, 2018

Are you having fun in life? What is your most fun memory ever? What if your most fun memories could be still to come...

Allow yoga and all it's beauty and creativity to spill out of your mind and body into your life every day.


Time to have a lot more fun. On and off the mat.


Let’s dig into this because hey… we all need to loosen up and learn to express our kid like joy again.


Do you remember what it was like being a little kid - laughing, playing and exploring? Wasn’t life one big adventure? All the colours, so much brighter. The smells, textures of playing in the mud, making and building things. Some of us may have even been little entrepreneurs with a lemonade stand on the street corner.


Our imaginations would run rampant and we could envision doing, being and experiencing anything in life. The world was quite literally one big colourful playground.


And our cute little bodies.

Most of us could run, jump and squeeze into all sorts of weird and wonderful spaces.


Yoga can give these elements of life back to you, ensuring you maintain this joyful energy throughout the rest of your days on Earth.


The first step is about connecting and raising awareness. How can you have fun and freedom within if you don't know what's going on first?

So let’s get inquisitive. Let’s see what’s going on in your mind & body. Forget about your age. Forget about who you think you are. Close your eyes and try to connect with how you feel internally.


Check in with your physical body.


How free, mobile and youthful does your body feel? Do you spend time in your life moving and expressing with this body that has been given to carry you through life? Does it feel energised or zapped of all energy? Notice without judgement. Gently observing with love, compassion and curiosity.


Now let’s dive into your mind…

How does your mind feel? Is it youthful, creative and filled with potential and imagination? Are there thoughts that feel tired and old? Thoughts that drain or energise you? We all have responsibilities, I am interested in how are you thinking, feeling and managing these internally?


SO now that you have a gauge of where you’re at, let's learn to have some more fun!


I am going to offer that you get out of your comfort zone... this "comfort zone" is your self-imposed box of who you think you are.


Fun is free and requires you step into zones of inspiration and out of these boxes of what, let's face it, is just us caring what other people think and clinging to a safety net of identity.


As children, we were so free. Until we pick up all the beliefs about who we are supposed to be, carrying years of tension and stress like heavy bags weighing us down. Here is where yoga steps in to loosen this all up and shake off some of that old tired energy.


The first step is to actually MOVE your body. Your whole physical body (as we say in yoga nidra).


A few ways to get that juicy inner energy vibe-ing again:


  • Dance
  • You know how kids just jump around dancing and moving really erratically. Put some music on and dance around the house. Like no one is watching. Have a dance party with a loved one or some friends, or with yourself (the most important loved one with whom you will have the longest relationship in life with). Kids don't care who's there. They just wanna have fun. Maybe even sing along. Loud and proud.


  • Yoga, or any form of fun free form of exercise and movement
  • This goes without saying. If you don’t move that body in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways you will get stiff and immobile. Nobody wants a body that they can’t use. It isn’t much fun to be in. Keep stretching your body and moving it freely in all planes of movement, and direction. It keeps you young. It releases stress and stuck energy. Smile and be happy you are looking after the house you live in well (that house being your beautiful body).


    Now let’s have a look at the mind… this is the control centre for the body so clearing and creating joy in your thoughts and feelings will give you unlimited joy. Yoga is not just for the body, it is soo much about the mind and heart. These are integral aspects of our being.

    • Be creative in your mindset 

    In NLP we call this lateral thinking. It is when you think of new and innovative ways to approach situations. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you will keep getting the same old results, maybe you’re getting great results - could they be better? Could they be more fun and create more joy in your life? This creativity is a key tool that entrepreneurs use to step outside the box and be really innovative. It also allows you to think in new ways and changeup habits/circumstances that perhaps aren’t giving you the results in life you want. When you apply this energy to your life it makes life and all its wins and challenges an interesting adventure where you can learn and grow. When you think in different ways, move in different ways and express yourself fully you release your own self-imposed limitations and the world reflects your new dynamic nature with new possibilities and perspectives. Start to practice more creativity in day to day life by drawing, writing and being creative with yourself. This will then begin to train your mind to practice creativity in all areas. What is creative for you? ANYTHING you make, do or be that was not there before is creative. Any creation. You are creating your life right now. You are an incredible and powerful creative Be more purposefully creative with this incredible life.


    • Be imaginative

    Start to visualise and imagine all sorts of things for your life. What you can be, do or achieve? Kids don’t worry about the how. They oftentimes believe they can have whatever they want. What did you want to be when you were a little kid? Why? How can you infuse that energy of imagination and joy into all areas of your life? Showing up at work or any environment and expecting it to entertain you can leave you disappointed and reliant on external “things” and people to make you happy. Be the happiness yourself! Show up and be imaginative with how you can bring more playful and fun energy wherever you go. Even the simple step of smiling and making a small joke with a colleague. Offering a surprise gift to someone or planning a fun night with friends. Watch funny movies and choose to smile more. Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Imagine your days and life unfolding in fun ways where you show up bringing a light and joy-filled energy. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and always create imaginative ways to make yourself and other people happy.


    • Be grateful

    Every day wake up and remember how awesome it is to be alive. To have the sunrise. To be able to experience life with all its many facets. Embrace it all with a kind and compassionate heart filled with gratitude for all that you have. Whatever you focus on you will feel. When you train your brain right from the first waking moment to look for things to be happy and grateful for you are setting the tone for your whole day. Just the fact we live in this incredible country with clean fresh water, nature and a warm roof over our heads is a miracle. There are so many people out there around the world who would feel unlimited gratitude for this. Notice all the friends, family and loved ones. Notice what you already have. In the morning my alarm goes off, playing a fun positive gentle song to me with an affirmation on my alarm screen stating - “thank you for this beautiful day”. Straight away I breathe in and choose a few things to be grateful for. Have fun trying this out. Even if it isn’t straight away when you get up - I get it, mornings can be tough for us when we’re tired and not programmed to enjoy them. Be again creative, curious and filled with a joyful kid-like energy about life.


    The more you move your body and get out of your head, the more your youthfulness will start to wake up and express itself. 


    You were given this body, this life to do great things - both big and small. To experience all that life has to offer. To have fun along the way and actually enjoy your innate creativity. Step onto your mat and let yourself be filled with fun and youthfulness through your practice. See how this spills out into your everyday life.

    I'll see you at the playground swinging on the monkey bars.

    Mikyla xx


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