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Setting and achieving goals. What's the point?

June 15, 2018

Setting and achieving goals


What does it mean to set a goal?

What is the point?

Why not coast along in life, being the same, staying as you are?

These are questions I am often asked and have often asked myself for that matter.

In response to this, let me ask you a few different questions…

When you die, what would you like your epitaph to say… How would you like to have impacted the world and your loved ones around you?

Who do you want to become in life? If we are all going to die anyway… if this is your one human life to explore and create whatever you want.

What sets your soul on fire? What inspires and motivates you? What would make you happy on a deeply fulfilling level?

If this really is your life…

Right now.

Not tomorrow.

Not in some distant future....

Right now, then how do you want to show up? Are those fears, insecurities and apathy worth it? Or are they a waste of precious moments of your precious life.

If this really is your one human life why not make it awesome, fun, creative and let go of all your own limitations to truly experience it? Whatever that means to you.

Goals are the stepping stones to keeping you on track, to growing and cultivating a powerful direction in life.

A boat without a full sail, navigator and rudder will float idly along with the tide, bashing into any obstacles and eventually sinking without a memorable voyage to tell or beautiful place discovered.

A strongly built boat with a powerful wind in the sail, keen sailor with knowledge of where to go and an ability to overcome the storms will arrive wherever it intends to go. This boat will explore new territories, discovering treasure. It will overcome all obstacles to be an incredible voyager of many tales, triumphs and adventure.

Perhaps eventually landing in a peaceful paradise Island.

You see it’s not what you get from achieving these goals, it's who you become. It’s how you show up in the world, to yourself and others along the way. This is the compelling reason. The WHY for setting goals and having a vision for your life.

Do you want to float along at the effect of every changing and passing weather pattern, or do you want to learn to navigate, predict and outline your path? Deciphering where you are being called to go and uncovering how to get there?

Ultimately we all want to feel happy, loved, connected and fulfilled.

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen by accident. This happens by the process of achieving, expanding, contributing and embodying the qualities that personify this in our lives.

When you truly feel on flow and on purpose, this is when your life has true meaning. When your legacy will be memorable and have left an impact. In ways both big and small.

Goals are the stepping stones, the subtle shifts in navigation leading to your destination. Helping you enjoy the ride, be purposeful and actively learning along the way. Not sinking failing or going in circles which leads to nowhere until your boat is so worn and torn it sinks to the bottom of the ocean taking you with it...

So ask yourself this:

How can I be purposeful to create a life I truly love?

What steps do I need to take today, tomorrow and every day to direct my life to reach an incredible destination?

How can I enjoy the journey along the way even more?

How can I be happy today and every day?

These are the questions to ask my friend.


-       Brainstorm your human life. Both adventure and achievements you wish to experience.

-       Write down a powerful vision for your life in 5 years & 10 years time

-       Write down three goals for the next 12 months that will ensure you ’re navigated towards this vision.

-       Give these goals a timeframe and strategy to achieve them.

-       Have fun in your human life and make it awesome


Take care and have an amazing life

Mikyla Douglas xx 

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