Kylamurti ethos


Our mission is to create beautiful pieces to adorn your practice, without tarnishing the environment. Each piece is uniquely designed and inspired by local artists, purposefully made with eco friendly materials. 

With careful thought put into each step of the design and manufacturing process these products aim to create a sacred space for you to express yourself. Loving this one beautiful and unique body you have been given. 

Our intention with these products and classes is to inspire and enhance your life. Creating a joy and freedom in your practice that translates into your everyday life. Encouraging a connection to the beauty of the world around us and a childlike sense of wonder that lays beyond the stresses of modern living.

Miracles that occur naturally on your mat will then extend out to your everyday life. 

We encourage you to connect and share your journey with each piece. Creating a community of people who inspire and uplift the world. 


Thank you so much for choosing Kylamurti. 


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