Eco Friendly


Kylamurti Ethos 

We are passionate about protecting this planet, the people, animals, and environment on it. With sustainability as one of the core values of Kylamurti, a lot of thought and countless hours of research went into every aspect of our yoga mats and products.


Yoga Mats



From conception, all the way through to the end of your yoga mats life we aim to ensure this mat is not harming you or the environment. 

In order to ensure the manufacturing process environmentally friendly and safe we have chosen a natural rubber harvested from trees. The rubber is actually produced and extracted from the trees! Our natural rubber is sourced from harvests in Vietnam. It is very important when choosing natural rubber you ensure it is non amazon harvested rubber and not damaging the natural eco system. We are proud to say our rubber is extracted safely and in a sustainable manner.

Our factories are hand picked and promote safe and equitable working environments. We have researched and hand picked our suppliers for these quality products.



PVC is the most common material for yoga mats these days - the unfortunate thing is these mats contain carcinogenic, very harmful chemicals that can actually leech from the products into your skin whilst you practice!

This is why we choose to use natural rubber and super soft microfiber suede. Animal and environmentally friendly. Our dyes and transfer process of the art and colours onto each piece is environmentally safe and not polluting the water ways.

I am an avid yoga teacher and practicer, having tried out every possible material and mat on the market I found the particular size, density and consistency of our material provides safety, comfort and quite simply feels luxurious to practice on. 

It is great for hot yoga and actually becomes grippier with sweat and water. 


You can rest assured your mat is biodegradable and is manufactured in a safe and non-toxic way.


Yoga Pants + Bras


Each pair of Kylamurti pants and bras have their own unique pattern and style.

Made from recycled plastic which has carefully been sorted, cleaned and spun into breathable and buttery soft yarn. Now transformed into stretchy fitness pieces. Designed to protect the planet while rocking your practice.
This recycled plastic is taken from post consumer waste drink bottles that would otherwise end up as landfill or floating in the ocean. They are incredibly comfortable, soft and supportive.


Buy Back Policy


 We are interested in closing the loop, ensuring all of our products are recycled. Once you are finished with your products we offer a buy back policy to ensure they are being appropriately repurposed and recycled.

This is part of our do no harm sustainability initiative to protect the Earth. When you are finished with your items we will buy them back off you for 1/4 of your purchase price to thank you for thinking of the planet and to use on your next loving purchase. We will then recycle them for you. Hooray!